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When Modellist-ID asked me to attempt ‘Daily Blend Greens’ from Enjoy Natural, I was really thrilled since I have actually been searching for a source for more nutrients. The timing was perfect!

When I first obtained my Daily Greens I right away observed just how tidy the container looks, It’s quite simple and clean. Inside is a scoop to measure one portion at a time.

Daily greens is a powdered supplement that you can add to your water, shake, yoghurt or take as a healthy shot in the early morning. It has a bunch of minerals and vitamins that will offer you more power and maintain you sharp during the day.

The very first point I observed was that it smelled truly sweet. it’s an artificial sugar, stevia, which I’m not realy acquainted with.

A couple of active ingredients of Daily eco-friendlies are Spirulina, wheatgrass powder, spinach, blueberry, carrot, plant based healthy protein, and also a whole lot of mushrooms. I was currently accustomed to among the main components, wheatgrass. I’ve attempted wheatgrass shots in the morning, but struggled to ingest them as a result of the boring and powdery preference, so maybe the stevia will cover this preference as a result of its sweetness!

Because I was extremely thrilled to try the daily eco-friendlies, I right away tried it with 200 ml of water as well as one scoop of daily greens. Due to the stevia, the preference was way far better than the taste of wheatgrass powder, yet the stevia made it a little also wonderful for me so I really did not really like it. If you like wonderful drinks you will probably like it since it’s not a bad taste whatsoever for an item like this!


The following day I attempted to blend it in with my granola as well as yoghurt, which, unfortunately, tasted way too wonderful for me again likewise since I haven’t been consuming quite pleasant points for a long time already.

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Last but not least I attempted it as a shot, due to the fact that I was used to it with the wheat grass, and I truly liked it! Due to the fact that it’s just a shot it’s not also wonderful and also it covers the powdery preference, that makes it actualy an enjoyable drink!

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For the previous days I have actually been utilizing it in the mornings and also I really like it! I think I haven’t been utilizing it long adequately to discover any type of changes in my wellness. It’s a truth that it’s extremely healthy and balanced so I assume it benefits my wellness a lot! I assume it’s a good supplement if you’re not consuming enough veggies or fruit. As well as if you’re currently consuming extremely healthy, it’s still a good addition. I will certainly keep utilizing it in the future.

Thanks for letting me try this, I truly took pleasure in it!

Big hugs,

Eva Hooft

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