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‘ The exhilaration of having the ability to make and eat a sugar free granola

A Crispy, healthy roasted Granola is merely exactly what you desired for this Thursday!
The trick? Well, it is the exhilaration of being able to make and consume a sugar cost-free granola, plus adding 10 minutes to the toasting process

Now let’s dig in, below are the components I used this moment, but of program you can tweak them, adding some grains, seeds. The policy here is that as long as you maintain the amounts proportions, you excellent to go!



60g of peeled Almonds
40g of Brazilian nuts
40g of Caju nuts
60g of pumpkin seeds
60g of sunflower seeds
200g of dried chopped fruits (the ones you love one of the most)
300g of oatmeal

1/2 a teaspoon of salt
3 tablespoons of water
2 tablespoons of olive oil
12cl or syrup (we utilize terrasana brand name)
12cl of honey (ours come from a 100% natural moroccan beehive)

How to proceed:

Put the stove on 140 C (th 4-5)
Roughly pound the grains as well as include them to the oatmeal
Prepare the syrup mixing all family member active ingredients in a tiny frying pan and warmth it, keep blending smoothly
Once warm, add the syrup to the oat meal bowl, as well as blend it for about 5 minutes with a wood spoon
On a baking tray (I used the oven one) with an oil evidence paper, placed the mix and make certain you have a 1cm layer that covers the whole tray surface
Put the tray in the oven for concerning 50min (or 40 depending upon your stove)
Mix the granola with a fork every 10 mins to make sure every little thing reaches roast!
Take the tray out as well as reserve it for concerning 30 mins up until it cools down ’85 Remove the granola (break it if needed), placed it in a dish and also include all the dry fruits.

Voila you simply obtained a healthy morning meal or treat alternative!
Last referral is to keep it in a completely dry cabinet, preferably in a glass container, it will lasts for 2 weeks

Have a beautiful Thursday as well as bear in mind that our body is the direct representation of our diet plan selections, as well as that you have to CONSUME just what it takes to reach a healthy routine.
All the love from Amsterdam!