This early morning, Weight Watchers revealed that the tutelary saint of inspiring individuals herself, Oprah Winfrey, has bought the brand name and joined its board of directors. Weight management is a topic Winfrey has become understood for, as she’s spent 10 years chronicling her own personal progress and discussing ideas that have benefited her. In the statement concerning the collaboration, she credits the organization for assisting her maintain her progression going.

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‘ I count on the app so much I decided to spend in the service and also partner in its advancement,’ stated Winfrey in a press release.

Jim Chambers, president as well as Chief Executive Officer of Weight Watchers spokened of Winfrey, ‘Our company believe that her amazing capability to connect as well as inspire individuals to recognize their complete possibility is distinctly corresponding to our effective neighborhood, remarkable trains and tried and tested strategy.’

That’s without a doubt. Winfrey officially purchased a 10 percent share in the company, but she’s not just a shareholder—she’s also a client. She’ll continue to discuss her experiences on the program with the general public, which is a relocation that will most certainly bring continued success to the brand.