Today is food diary time! I made a blog about just what I consumed today.

I think you have to treat your body like a holy place, healthy consuming is food actually important. Not just for your body yet you additionally feel better when you’re eating healthy and balanced and you have a great deal more energy.

But naturally, I can also appreciate a harmful treat or dish. Standing up to biscuits is actually tough to me. You just need to make certain your diet remains ‘balanced’.

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Goodmorning! I enjoy morning meal, it’s the most vital meal of the day and I assume it’s additionally my favourite meal.
I always start my early morning with a good filling breakfast to keep me going throughout the day.

Today I made this ‘fro-yo smoothie mix dish’ haha, I have no idea just how I ought to call it.
I had put some fresh strawberries in the fridge the night in the past, in the morning I putted them in the blender or food processor with some yoghurt.
I topped it with cacao nibs, muesli and some banana slices.
This morning meal is perfect on a warm day in the summer season, but look out for a brain freeze!

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I always consume environment-friendly tea in the morning as well as throughout the day. I’m having at the very least 5 cups a day.
It’s important to stay hydrated. I particularly like eco-friendly tea due to the fact that it is so stimulating as well as gives your metabolism a boost.


Lunchtime! I want to have a light lunch. For lunch I prefer a salad or a soup. Today I had a quinoa salad with cumcumber, tomatoes, lime and mint.

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I love cooking,, to me it’s really relaxing. I made stuffed eggplant with feta as well as cherry tomatoes and served it with some quinoa. This is actually one of my preferred recipes. It is tasty, super healthy and balanced and also swiftly prepared.