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Weight loss goals resemble the typical carrot on a stick. The even more we run in the direction of them, the farther they appear to go. Just how about enhancing them with reflexology? With even more power behind the initiatives, fat burning is within your grasp.

How can reflexology assist with weight reduction? This blog post has the solution. I guarantee you will love this read. Take an appearance below.

Relax Your Way To Weight Loss:

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Cheers to every one of you out there that wanted a stress-free way to slim down. No, you’re not careless in any way. I completely comprehend just how you’ve stressed yourselves out working out, just to discover you look nowhere near Jennifer Lawrence.

Well, now you have a remedy to the everlasting ‘weight management is demanding’ problem. Reflexology, ingenious that it is, can cause both leisure and weight reduction. Being an alternating treatment involving no tablets or surgical treatment, it is likewise completely safe. No discomfort, yes gain!

Reflexology For Weight Loss:

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Reflexology works on the principle that our bodies consist of certain power factors, and there are response factors on our hands, feet as well as face (1). These factors are connected to numerous components within the body, each matching to certain organs.

Now, when these response factors are pressed, the respective organ is additionally stimulated. Are you presuming which points match to weight loss? Sadly, there is no button you could press to burn fat. That’s the realm of exercise.

What you can find are reflex points that control cravings, help food digestion as well as rise nutrient uptake. You could currently successfully handle just what you consume, while balancing your body.

Which Organs Play A Role?

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  1. Multiple organs add to weight loss.
  2. Stimulation of the thyroid gland boosts metabolic rate, consequently accelerating weight loss.
  3. Proper thyroid function also stabilizes thyroid hormonal agent production, which lowers stress (2).
  4. Pressure on the Spleen’s reflex point assists regulate appetite.
  5. Stimulation of the gall bladder conducts good digestion.
  6. Energizing the pancreatic as well as belly makes it possible for much better absorption of nutrients from just what you eat.
  7. Stimulation of the nerve system will certainly help minimize stress and anxiety while permitting relaxation.

Reflexology can additionally promote the pituitary and also pineal glands so as to encourage your body to detoxify. The liver as well as kidneys and intestines with each other get rid of undesirable drugs, additionally helping weight loss.

Here Are The Reflex Points:


To invigorate the endocrine, digestive and anxious systems for your relaxed weight loss objectives, the foot is the most effective place.

Reflex Point 1:

  1. Place one foot over the knee of the other.
  2. Using your thumb massage the location mid-way between the heel and also toes, listed below the foot’s arch.
  3. Now run the thumb throughout the foot using stress as you go.
  4. Slowly scrub it in the other direction.
  5. Apply stress for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Repeat on the other foot.

This is the pancreatic as well as belly response point. Massaging this factor aids you maximize the quantity of nutrients you absorb, however small the sections are.

Reflex Point 2:

  1. Again, place one foot over the other so that you could see the bottom of the foot.
  2. Find the factor midway between the toes as well as the heel, this time below the fourth toe.
  3. Place your thumb over the reflex factor, and also massage therapy lightly.
  4. Then, use pressure for a couple of seconds until you feel little pain.
  5. Massage the area once again prior to removing your thumb.
  6. Repeat on the other foot.

This factor stimulates your spleen, assisting regulate those appetite pangs.

Reflex Point 3:

  1. Using your thumb, massage therapy the area listed below the huge toe of one foot.
  2. Apply stress up until you really feel a slight pain.
  3. Hold for a couple of secs and after that release.
  4. Repeat the very same listed below the opposite huge toe.

This reflex point represents the thyroid and also pituitary glands. It generally assists in de-stressing you, which then keeps you unwinded enough to stay on the effective weight loss path.

Our hands additionally consist of reflex points for weight reduction, although in a much smaller sized area.

Have you ever before tried reflexology for weight management? For finest outcomes, try reflexology while having a healthy and balanced diet regimen. It’s specifically great because you can do it on your own. Did you fall for the method? Share your reflexology weight reduction sees with us by firing a remark below.