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Auburn, Ala. -Edamame, noticable (ay-dah-MAH-may) is the Japanese word for veggie soybean as well as literally means ‘beans on a branch.’ Edamame is taken in as a treat, a vegetable meal, made use of in soups or refined into sugary foods. As a treat, the sheathings are normally steamed in salted water for 7-10 mins, and afterwards the seeds are squeezed straight from the pods right into the mouth with the fingers.

The soybean has actually been a prominent source of protein in East Asia for countless years, yet has actually obtained extensive acceptance in the United States in the last few years. It is high in protein and also fiber, and has been shown to minimize cholesterol, heart disease, and some types of cancer.


Specific ranges of edamame produce greater returns in Alabama as a result of their level of sensitivity to day length. Ranges which generate well and also are readily available consist of: Madori Giant, Sayamusume, Gardensoy 51, Mooncake, Chiba Eco-friendly and also Owens.

Edamame must be planted after the danger of frost has actually passed as well as the soil temperature level goes to least 65 levels F. Like all soybeans, edamame favors full sun, well-drained dirts, and also sufficient nutrients. A dirt examination need to be done prior to seeding to determine if lime ought to be added and also if other nutrients are present in enough amounts. The seed needs to be grown no further than 1.5 nches deep and also is suggested to be planted 70-100 seeds per 20 foot. row on 3 foot row spacing. No staking or connecting is required in planting edamame.

‘ Edamame is ideal for the house yard because they require hardly any input from the gardener, said Zack Ogles, an Auburn grad student and also research study assistant in the Department of Plant Soil and also Environmental Sciences.


Edamame requirement 1-1 1/2 inches of irrigation regular throughout the expanding season. This need will differ based upon climate condition, temperature level, as well as moisture. The correct quantity of irrigation is vital, as excessive irrigation can damage edamame plants.


Edamame is gathered green after pods are filled up. Hand collecting edamame is an alternative when done on a tiny range for home gardens and farmers markets. The procedure of gathering itself is simple, yet time consuming. Edamame is harvested much like green beans. Nonetheless, cases of an edamame plant will certainly grow at the exact same time, making collecting simpler. According to field study performed in central Alabama, gathering a 20-foot row took 5 people 45 mins and generated regarding 18 extra pounds of eco-friendly pods.

The boosting appeal of edamame as a healthy and balanced junk food has caused enhanced interest in edamame manufacturing from residence garden enthusiasts throughout the Southeast. Edamame can conveniently be generated in most home gardens in Alabama and also develops high yields of nutrient dense as well as easy-to-prepare treat food.

Next spring, think about conserving an area for edamame in your garden.

To learn more concerning how you can effectively and quickly produce edamame in your house garden, take a look at Alabama Extension’s Timely Details as well as ANR-2231.

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