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We are called a Hashtag Generation. Whether you’re a thirty-something like me, or a twenty-something, or perhaps a millennial, it does not matter: we are multi-passionate people!

I am #model #author #blogger #meditationteacher #lifecoach.

Do you know just what one of the most interesting part of that sentence is? –I am.

PS: It’s a great rule to utilize in meditation – simply repeat it quietly, over as well as over again, till it comes to be component of you, like an ocean wave.

I am implies that we are living our life.

My hope and also goal is that we live it to its full potential.


I did not begin modeling up until I was 23 and also it didn’t take place while I was remaining on my couch or crossing the road in Normandy. Nor did I merely get up one day as well as choose to compose a publication – I needed to go out and explore. I traveled. I traveled extensively for 10 years. And I did plenty of deep soul-searching while I was on the road. Sometimes you don’t also understand where you’re going. And that’s ok. That’s really why you’re on the quest – you wish to learn more about on your own deeper.

Explore the world within out, fellow dreamer! Follow your suspicion, your instinct and also keep taking the roadway that feels the most “appropriate” to you. Keep traveling, on foot, or in your mind, up until you feel you are touching gold where you are as well as stay there. Remain there. And also explore just what you’ve found.

What I hear in some cases from customers is that they’re “all over the place.” That’s a different state than being multi-passionate. How could you inform the difference as well as just how can you obtain back on track?

Here are 3 questions that could assist:

  • What makes your heart sing?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • Who do you want to become?

PPS: If you desire to stay away from boring conversations at parties, these questions will certainly nip the bor- out of “monotonous” and recover the -ing, as in BEing. When you ask somebody to tap right into their heart energy, you go to the core of their being and involve with them in a much more purposeful method compared to if you were asking: “So, what do you do?”

Life supplies us lots of chances for link, we could choose how we desire to get in touch with ourselves and with others: do we wish to remain on the surface, or create a deep bond?

I love the phrase Intentional Living.

I believe that we co-create our life. For part of it, we have to trust fund as well as surrender, and for another component, we have to operate, follow our desires and share our newly found presents with the world. It’s a means of living that calls for a good dose of understanding, guts as well as mindfulness. That’s just what I call living your full potential!

So share me, fellow tourist, what have been the best chapters of your life?

What chapters are you prepared to allow go of, so you could move on to the following big chapter?

I would certainly like to speaking with you, so please, carry on to my Facebook page (DiveInWithSandrine) and also leave comments.

If you are all set for the quest of the multi-passionate, if you are the essence of a “hashtag generational”, begun over to my website ( and sign up for a free technique session with me, so I can assist you get clearness on what actually matters to you and get the self-confidence and devices you have to step right into a brand-new trip of willful living at full potential.

#itsyourlife #Ilovemyjob #weareone

Much love and happy traveling,


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