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Hello there, good morning!

Today I’m going to share my food journal with you.

9.00: I always begin my day with a complete bowl of oats, yoghurt as well as fruits ahead. I prefer to try various fruits and occasionally I add some nuts to offer my breakfast a various bite.

11.00: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! I enjoy apples, and they are also quite healthy and also packed with fibres. Especially when I being employed or when I’m on the road, it’s so very easy to take an apple with you to have a fast, loading and also healthy and balanced snack

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13.00: For lunch I prefer to consume a large salad with bunches of veggies or some toasts with poultry, cucumber as well as tomatoes! Today I made a salad with broccoli, quinoa, grapefruit, spinach, avocado and also a clothing made from cashew nuts. I also made some for my moms and dads, since I love food preparation! The truth that it was delicious, it likewise looks really vibrant as well as great on your plate. Do not be reluctant to attempt it yourself!

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In the afternoon I needed to function for some hrs and when I got back it was time to prepare dinner. Like I already informed you. I like cooking, So this moment I try out pleasant potatoe fries.

I baked some fish and also made a large salad again. This time around with cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, nuts and also some baked ham.


After this dish I wished to do something flashy, so I made a decision to go with a skating trip. The weather was wonderful and the sunlight was beaming, so I gained some extra freckles! hahaha.

22.00: I do not prefer to go to rest on an empty stomach, so I generally take some non fat Greek yoghurt covered with fruits.

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Oh and also btw, I consume alcohol green tea all the time! It’s excellent for your metabolic rate, skin as well as the hydration of your body.

Hopefully I offered you an excellent impression of my everyday food routine



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