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Today I would certainly such as to share this tasty recipe!


– 2 medium onions

– 250g – chickpeas (that you took in water the night prior to)

– 150g – lentils (that you took in water the evening prior to)

– 8 grated tomatoes or 500g of Tomato purée

– 1 medium leafy Celeriac

– 1tbsp – tomato concentrate

– 2tbsp ginger powder

– 1tbsp curcuma

– 1/5tbsp pepper

– a pinch of salt

– 2 tbsp parsley and coriander

– 2 organic free range eggs

– 1tbsp of arrowhead root (mixed in water as well as left aside)

– 2tbsp of organic olive oil


For this recipe, you will need a stoneware Cocotte for 3,5 L.

– Cut the onions into small pieces and also simmer right into the oil at low temperature

– Include Chickpeas as well as lentils, then simmer for 5 minutes

– Add the cut celeriac after that the tomato purée

– Include the seasonings after that 2L of steamed water

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Put the lid on the cocotte and allow the mix simmer for Thirty Minutes on medium temperature.

Remove the cover as well as include slowly the arrowhead root while mixing … you intend to pay focus to just how thick you favor your soup to be … It has to remain liquid though – This is not a luscious soup.

Keep blending up until the arrowhead root is completely integrated, then the eggs each one each time (as if you wish to poach it) and also maintain mixing!

After 5 mins blending slowly under tool temperature level, include the parsley and coriander as the final touch.


In Morocco, this soup is offered with dry fruits as a side.

You can add a little bit of lemon juice to enhance its spiciness and also ENJOY!

Thank you for adhering to and also bear in mind, EAT exactly what it takes!