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Berries as well as their impacts on health!

Berries stand for genuine health potions. Consumed fresh or dried, under the kind of teas or in various preparations, they assist keep the tone and also the total health and wellness, or to treat illness.

Forest trees, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, wild fruits have actually offered us their fruits, so valuable for the health and wellness.

They shouldn’t miss out on from our everyday diet for the simple factor that, as is well known for centuries, they taste delicious, yet have likewise unparalleled medicinal results with any kind of medicine. You can locate them conveniently in their season.

Berries are really delicious! They are consumed in basic, as an active ingredient in cakes and ice lotions, juices or jam. Not a lot of individuals are accustomed to eat them raw. Why? Since we discover constantly fresh, furthermore, they are fairly costly.

The benefits of berries on the body are really amazing, and the recommendation is to eat them in a bigger quantity as well as in a much more all-natural form. They represent a real blessing for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics as well as are not made use of considering that the other day, yet because 4,500 years ago.

Assyrians as well as Babylonians were making a note of on clay tablets inscriptions on the berries as well as herbs. Grand Herodotus, thought about the Papa of Medication, examined the relevance of berries in alleviating specific diseases.

The advantages of berries on the body result from the compounds that they include. Phytochemicals, which give fruits their intense shade, helps slow down the aging process and also protects against cardiovascular disease and cancer cells.

Furthermore, berries supports detoxifying the body, assisting the lymphatic system, kidneys as well as intestines to remove the huge bulk of contaminants from the body. They are also rich in anti-oxidants, helping the body battle totally free radicals that attack brain cells and also can alter DNA.

Contained fiber releases materials in the digestive process, reducing bad cholesterol and also blood sugar levels.

Therefore, the berries are incredibly crucial in protecting against cardiovascular illness and also diabetes mellitus. Additionally, fibers provide a sensation of a longer volume, adding considerably to effective weight loss.

Vitamin C reinforces teeth, maintains healthy and balanced veins, bones, cells, also strengthening the body immune system. Vitamin C has also anti-inflammatory homes as well as is a powerful antioxidant that hinders the formation as well as growth of cancer cells cells.

Ellagic acid is an additional tool against cancer cells. It has antiviral and also anti-bacterial homes, and scientists believe that it plays a significant part in the fight versus cancer cells and growths that already exist.

Salicylic acid is a hormone that is really essential for body. It exists in pain killers, having actually analgesic homes recognized to man for over 2,500 years. This compound is created to combat against atherosclerosis.

Catechins are flavonoids that offer different colors to berries – varies from yellow to red as well as blue. They bring in pollinators catechins, securing plants from germs as well as fungis. Another plus is provided by catechins to alleviate infections and also allergies.

Anthocyanins, the all-natural pigment that provides the red different colors, filtering system sunlight, have antioxidant capabilities. After a series of studies it was revealed that they lower the risk of manufacturing and advancement of cancers cells and, on the other hand, they boost the functioning of the urinary system as well as cognitive features.

Gallic acid is called a material with anti-bacterial as well as antiviral properties, and also it’s toxic to cancer cells, yet healthy cells are left intact. In the pharmaceutical industry, gallic acid is used to deal with inner bleeding, psoriasis and also diabetes mellitus.

Berries additionally have quercetin, a flavonoid that deals with against cancer cells. Consuming fresh berries, you will certainly solve problems such as breathing problem, dermatitis, inflammation or metabolic syndrome.

Berries, particularly blueberries, could protect against or delay eye issues that accompany age: cataracts, nearsightedness, hyperopia, infections of the retina as well as completely dry eyes.

Berries are also an outstanding resource of selenium, zinc, salt, potassium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus as well as manganese. All these components have an essential part in avoidance and remedy neurological problems, fighting against deterioration and also disappearance of nerve cells as well as keeping the main nerve system health.

The high material of fiber, antioxidants and the capacity to dissolve cholesterol, make berries an useful adjunct when it comes to cardiovascular disease, one more important impact is the fortifying of the heart muscle mass.

While fiber from berries fend off constipation, vitamins, salt, copper, fructose and acids significantly enhance the digestion procedure. Berries have the capacity to make you much more energetic, you will really feel fit, thus assisting your body battle depression.

Lately, blueberries are the most popular berries worldwide, displacing the raspberries.

Considering all claimed, below I will provide one of the most precious fruits of the woodland and the advantages you could discover by eating them:


Raspberry is an amazing resource of antioxidants and phytonutrients as well as fibers. Raspberries are quite abundant in vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, vitamins B1, B2 and also vitamin E.

Among minerals, raspberries consist of huge quantities of manganese, magnesium, copper and potassium. Raspberry fruit include calcium, zinc, phosphorus, all in forms that are effortlessly assimilated.

Raspberry Health benefits

Contains anti-oxidants as well as anti-inflammatory substances. Consuming raspberries, we bring our body a large range of antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory compounds which increase resistance, restore vitality and reduces the aging process.

The variety of the antioxidants from raspberries is impressive and also special amongst fruits:

  • Anthocyanins: cyanidin, pelargonidin, delphinidin, malvidin
  • flavonols: quercetin, kaempferol
  • flavonol: catechins, epicatechin
  • Tannins: ellagitannins, gallotannins proanthocyanidins
  • Acids Hydroxybenzoate: ellagic acid, vanillic acid, Gallic acid, chlorogenic acid
  • the hydroxy acids: caffeic acid, coumaric acid, ferulic acid
  • Resveratrol

These anti-oxidants have anti-cancer impact as well as they are safety against persistent degenerative conditions, such as: weight problems, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, as well as joints as well as worried system disorders.

Raspberry Obesity and diabetes

Raspberries contain a phytonutrient researchers called rheosmin, popular for its useful impacts on metabolic conditions. Rheosmin increases the metabolic process of the fat cells by raising enzyme activity as well as oxygen usage at this level. This results in the removal and the usage of the saved fat.

Also, rheosmin reduces pancreatic lipase task, leading to a lowered gastrointestinal absorption of fats. One more substance that raspberries contains, Tiliroside, activates a hormone that controls the metabolism of for, called adiponectin. It was discovered that adiponectin is inadequate or non-active in individuals with diabetes mellitus. This shortage leads to boosted insulin resistance in fat cells, which promotes extreme pancreatic feature to produce raised amounts of insulin.

Some phytonutrients of raspberry blocks a digestive system enzyme called alpha-glucosidase, which aids enhance blood glucose. Eating raspberries and also raspberry fallen leave tea is suggested for people with diabetes mellitus due to the fact that it assists lower blood sugar as well as equilibrium the degree of glicemie.

Raspberry Anticancer properties

Thanks to the plethora of anti-oxidants that it has, raspberry is just one of the healthiest foods with impressive anticancer virtues.

It is understood that oxidative anxiety experienced by our cells due to totally free radicals coming from damaged cells, but additionally in food, contamination, harmful routines such as smoking cigarettes, alcohol( is an essential consider the advancement of cancer cells). Antioxidants fight with these free radicals, which neutralizes them. The studies performed up until now have shown the advantageous effects of raspberry in the instance of breast cancer, cervical, colon and also prostate. Some anti-oxidants from raspberry have direct anticancer effect, sending signals of apoptosis( configured cell death) to cancer cells by turning on the healthy protein P53, which is a protective element antitumor.

The maintenance of vision

The abundant material of antioxidants as well as vitamins from raspberry fruits helps stop aging of the retina that happens with expanding old. American researches have revealed that people that regularly eat berries have a 35% reduced risk of developing macular deterioration and also cataracts.

Restoring intestinal flora

Raspberries combined with organic yogurt is a reliable solution to recover the digestive flora damaged by prescription antibiotics, constipation or diet plans reduced in fiber. Raspberry yogurt is a remedy for digestive as well as genital candidiasis. We advise a course of 12 days, throughout which you will certainly consume in the morning, on a vacant stomach, a mix gotten by utilizing a blender or food processor, 100 g raspberry and 200 g yogurt.

Menstrual disorders

Irregular menstruation, excruciating or heavy heals with fruits and also raspberry tea. We recommend a training course of a month, where you will eat 3-4 mugs of raspberry tea/ day.

Also, you can eat 3 teaspoons/ day of raspberry powder, acquired by grinding the dried plant( leaves and also fruits). You keep the powder a few mins under the tongue, after that ingest it with water.


Raspberry course( 300 g/ day for 12 days) is helpful in rheumatic condition, because it includes abundant drugs with anti-inflammatory homes and also vitamin C.

Raspberry and beauty

Wrinkles: 3 tbsps of raspberry blended with 2 tbsps of yogurt, getting a paste that is applied as a mask on face for 15 minutes.

Oily skin: put a handful of raspberries to mix in the mixer, plus honey and also use on the skin. After 15-20 mins, get rid of with cozy water or chamomile tea. This mask has tonic and also special degreasing results, helping to close pores.

Raspberry tea: you gather the pointers of the raspberry bushes, with fruit as well as leaves, which are propounded completely dry in a well-ventilated location. After drying out, you crush them and you use them to obtaining a flavored tea, showed in diabetes mellitus, abscess, gastritis, colds, lung condition, cystitis, menstruation disorders and also to enhance the singing cords.

Blueberries, the vegetal insulin

Blueberry fruits, consumed raw, are effective as a solution in case of stomach fermentation, eliminating roundworms in enterocolitis, weight problems. Fruit preparation is a senior solution for eczema and also quick recovery of burns and injuries.

The fresh fruit of blueberry, specifically the completely dry one, assists restore blood vessels, normalizes blood glucose and also regrowth of the retina, enhances the level of sensitivity of the photoreceptors in the eye, reduce the effects of infection of the digestive tract, expands somewhat coronary vessels, shields the body versus radioactivity.

Blueberries excel in the limb arthritis as well, sequelae after stroke, coronary problems specific to aging, digestion candidosis, sequelae of abuse of antibiotics, pharyngitis, stomatitis, oral yeast infection. For mycosis, eczema, bleeding injuries, steam a teaspoon of dried out fruits in a glass of water, filter it and also with the acquired option dab the afflicted location.

The leaves, fresh or dried, excellent in situation of diabetes mellitus, weight problems, weak bladder. The leaves are made use of as an infusion of a spoonful of natural herb each mug of boiling water. Bilberry leaf tea is recommended for those with diabetic issues, having the home to lower blood sugar, due to the activity of a specific drug, the drug referred to as vegetable insulin.

A diet with strawberries, the ideal antioxidant

Drug virtues of strawberries are known considering that classical times when the Romans were suggested by physicians as healthy as well as purifying. And from the strawberries are made use of, both the fruits and also leaves. Dried as well as combined, is an outstanding tea.

Fresh strawberries heal works marvels in cases of anemia, kidney as well as blood circulation fever, gout arthritis, menstrual conditions, irregular bowel movements. On the surface, strawberries entrusted to take in plain water in closed container for 2-3 months, offer a really efficient preparation in instance of frostbite or massages for avoidance of frostbites.

The leaves of wild strawberry are useful in tea mixes, dealing with lithiasis and also hemorrhoids. For the strawberries heal, take in 150-300 g of fruit on a vacant tummy after 4 hrs far from meals.

The largest quantity excels to be absorbed the early morning for morning meal, when the cleansing impact is the best. The treatment with strawberries lasts 7-10 days. Strawberry juice is prepared by crushing the fruit with a fork. Take on a vacant tummy, one glass at a time.

The tea is obtained by scalding, for 20 minutes, of a teaspoon of fruit and also entrusts to a cup of boiling water, followed by purification. Consume 2-3 mugs each day.

Why strawberries are the very best?

To minimize blood pressure, nervous system tone, combat neurosis in liver illness( it has a drain feature), diabetic issues, arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, rheumatism, skin illness, conditions of bowel, pinworms.

Blackberries maintain your heart healthy

Blackberry fallen leaves have a cleaning, healing result, controling hormone degrees. The fruits are depurative, revitalizing, a little astringent, laxative in the fresh state as well as anti diarrhea in the dry state. In ancient times, fruits were regularly utilized to deal with hoarseness and throat conditions.

Against irregular bowel movements, take 3-4 handfuls of fresh blueberries 15 minutes prior to each meal, after that 1-2 teaspoons of honey.

Urinal infections are alleviated with a scoop of blackberry leaves, one of blueberry fallen leaves as well as a tsp of cranberry fruit, which are put to soak over night in half liter of water. In the morning, strain them as well as the plants that continue to be, heat them with half a litre of warm water. Incorporate both potions, getting roughly one liter of tea, of which you will consume half a cup every hr.

For diarrhea: take every 2 hours half a tsp of dried leaves and a pinch of dried out berries. Required everyday dose of vitamin C is supplied in 10 tablespoon of blueberries. It is additionally a source of vitamin E, needed for a healthy and balanced heart as well as consists of folic acid, vital for pregnant women or those intending to have a baby.

Blackcurrants, great for anemic people

Blackcurrants have a multitude of minerals as well as vitamins, among them vitamin C in a type that proves to be one of the most secure of all fruits, holds up against heat and oxidation. In addition, the berries are the only fruit that consists of unstable oil in a large proportion.

Blackcurrants, used primarily as powder, swiftly renews the body, aids rebalancing metabolism, normalize nerve task, increase visual skill, remove anemia, increase body’s all-natural resistance. Amongst the greater than 50 diseases treated by its count is anemia.

Blackcurrant powder dry, stimulates red cell formation and also compensates iron shortage. Consume alcohol a cup of juice daily on a vacant stomach or take a tsp of powder three times a day. A cure takes 2-3 weeks.

Blackcurrant benefit aesthetic fatigue, modern myopia. 100-200 grams of raw fruits and juice promotes cells development and bones in kids.

These fruits enhance resistance, securing the body from infections of the respiratory tract, intestinal tract, kidney. They are excellent for inflamed and also agonizing joints, chronic degenerative rheumatism, atherosclerosis, arteritis, high blood pressure, kidney stones, alcohol addiction( 2 tbsps of dried out fruits as well as a teaspoon of seeds of parsley boiled delicately in 3 quarters litre of water for 15 mins, consume all the prep work when on a vacant stomach. the therapy lasts 6 months).

Red currants cuts your hunger

Red berries can be called power fruits because they are an ace in the hole versus laziness and also absence of vigor. They are digestion and drainpiping stimulants that are exceptionally solid, being advised to the obese. Red currants cure benefits individuals that struggle with anorexia nervosa, slow-moving digestion, asthenia.

It is suggested to take 50-100 g of raw fruits prior to consuming, and the exact same quantity at the of the dish. For people with extreme appetite, with tendency for weight problems or being overweight, potentially with gastritis, it is advised to eat bigger quantities( 300-500 g) prior to each dish due to the fact that huge amounts of red currants have the paradoxical impact of preventing gastric secretion and also to cut hunger.

Raw fruit juice is a great gastrointestinal restorative as well as liver decongestant. It works for biliary dyskinesia and associated migraines. Red currants are suggested for acid indigestion, lazy bowel, convalescence, gastritis, persistent hepatitis, liver congestion, liver cirrhosis, biliary dyskinesia.

Sea buckthorn = health!

Sea buckthorn has a range of nutrients that take care of health and wellness, but likewise for your beauty.

Sea buckthorn is among the wealthiest resources of vitamin C, containing 10 times more compared to oranges. It also includes a quantity of 3 times higher than vitamin E, wheat germ, three times as much vitamin A compared to carrots as well as 4 or more enzymes that protect the body by cost-free radicals, compared to ginseng. In enhancement to the useful impacts it carries health, sea buckthorn is identified for its anti-wrinkle homes, however additionally for its ability to stop the buildup of added pounds. Raw sea buckthorn can be used alone or in different mixes of smoothies, however there is also sea buckthorn oil, cold pushed, that slows skin aging or gelcaps which obtains you clear of constipation.

Here are one of the most important benefits of sea buckthorn:

  • Helps slimming down, thawing fat faster that you ever before imagined
  • Slowing down skin aging
  • Besides vitamin C, sea buckthorn has additionally vitamin E and also A, to make from it, the oil drawn out, that is the finest organic option for skin regeneration. Sea buckthorn oil is ideal for all skin types with a strong anti-wrinkle effect. Apply on creases sea buckthorn oil that is chilly pressed.
  • Helps individuals who have issues with constipation – Sea buckthorn oil helps manage defecation, serves for individuals experiencing irregularity. Dr. Oz recommended everyday management of sea buckthorn oil jelly pills, a solitary dose of 500 mg.
  • It is excellent for numerous skin problems – Due to the fact that the energetic components of its components, sea buckthorn chilly pressed oil heals skin burns( consisting of solar), wounds, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, acne, herpes.
  • Protects gums – It has a protective effect on the periodontals. Massage the gums with sea buckthorn oil to avoid numerous infections. If you had the determination to review a bit even more of this short article, I provide you my oil recipe merely making sure you take in something natural.

How to make your own sea buckthorn oil

If you’re useful you could do your buckthorn oil alone: Wash fruits and push them slightly to take in the excess juice, placed 3 parts of sea buckthorn as well as 2 parts of almond oil, olive or sunflower oil( cold pushed) in mixer, any type of oil will certainly do, it simply depends on your taste.

Leave this mix for 3 weeks in a sealed container and location it in an amazing, dark area, mixing periodically, three weeks after choose the oil that has been formated and also store it in a hermetically sealed container in dark and also amazing area.

This dish is for those that have a little bit more time on their hands, however additionally for those who don’t trust fund items they locate in some shops and since they desire all of it all-natural. You can likewise put some herbs inside the sea buckthorn oil for a more flavorful taste. I wish you delight in it!