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AUBURN, Ala. – With the vacation of hearts right around the edge, try exciting your better half by making them a pleasant shock in the kitchen. Try these two recipes that will surely sweep them off their feet.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Butter-flavor vegetable cooking spray

1 10 ounce package frozen pieces strawberries

1 3 ounce plan strawberry flavored gelatin

1 cup 1 percent low-fat home cheese

½ cup nonfat sour cream

2 tablespoons powdered sugar

2 teaspoons lemon juice

1 or even more drops of food coloring


Lightly layer a 7-inch springform frying pan or deep 8-inch pie plate with food preparation spray. Thaw and also thoroughly drainpipe the strawberries, conserving the fluid. Add water, if required, making 1 cup of liquid. Warmth strawberry liquid to virtually boiling. Include jelly and stir till liquified. Amazing some. Beat cottage cheese till smooth. When gelatin is great yet not company, integrate in a huge bowl with the cottage cheese, sour cream, sugar and lemon juice. Beat till smooth and starting to be fluffy. Fold drained pipes strawberries and food coloring right into gelatin combination. Proceed until the strawberries are well dispersed and also shade is also. Do not mix as well a lot. Put right into pan, cover as well as chill 10 to 12 hours.

Chocolate Ice Cream

2 ounces bitter cooking chocolate

1 cup sugar

1/8 teaspoon salt

4 cups evaporated skimmed milk

3 eggs

1 tablespoon vanilla


Melt chocolate in the top of double central heating boiler over simmering water. Add sugar as well as salt as well as mix till well mixed. Include milk gradually, stirring as you contribute to form a smooth mixture. Warmth combination till it is hot however not boiling. Break eggs into a tool bowl and also defeat well. Add delicious chocolate mix, a little each time, to the eggs, mixing intensely as you include to keep the combination smooth. Pour blend back into the double boiler and also prepare three minutes over boiling water mixing at all times. Great, include vanilla as well as submit the combination in an ice lotion fridge freezer till frozen. Makes 2 quarts.

These recipes and lots of others can be discovered in the Auburn Cookbook, a publication of Alabama Expansion.