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To live healthy, one has to eat healthily. A healthy diet does not mean eating vegetables and fruits just. Food that is composed of nutrients crucial for the body and also helps in maintaining the balance of the body is thought about to be a healthy and balanced diet plan. Nourishment supplies toughness to the body. It helps in the regrowth of our body cells and also helps in relieving a bunch of diseases.

Nutrients are categorized right into two kinds. They are:

Macronutrients: These are called for in big amounts by the body. It is more sub-categorized right into 5 kinds. They are:

  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats

Micronutrients: These are those nutrients which are needed in tiny quantities by the body. These are:

  • Water
  • Roughage or fiber.


1. Minerals:

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Minerals are not natural substances that are gotten from the diet. These assistance in the proper performance and also maintenance of the body. Several of the vital minerals are calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, fluorine, sodium.

Sodium- It keeps the liquid control of the body. It likewise helps in the correct performance of the muscles and the worried system of the body.

Calcium-It assists in the clotting of blood and also formation of bones as well as teeth. It collaborates with phosphorus for its functioning.

Iron- It aids in the development of hemoglobin in the blood. It is also required for the correct functioning of the body.

Phosphorus-It connect with calcium to form strong bones and also teeth. It also helps the worried system of the body.

Fluorine-It maintains the teeth solid by preventing decay of the teeth.
Iodine-Iodine aids in the secretion of thyroid glands and protects against goiter from occurring.

2. Vitamins:

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Vitamins are important for the appropriate functioning and also regulation of the body. Because vitamin is not manufactured by the body, it is acquired from the diet. It not just aids in preserving a healthy and balanced body yet likewise helps in keeping our skin, hair, mucous membrane layers healthy and balanced. Intake of vitamins boosts the body immune system of the body.

3. Proteins:

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Proteins are vital for our body due to the fact that it helps when growth. Not just that, it likewise repair works ruined cells of the body and assists in keeping a healthy body.

4. Carbohydrates:

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Carbohydrates are the resource of power for our body. It exists in the form of basic sugars such as sucrose, fructose and also glucose. It offers power and also assists in the appropriate performance of the body.

5. Fats:

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Fats are also referred to as the ‘warehouses of the body’. It shops and provides energy when required by the body. It exists in the type of fats and also glycerol. There are two kinds of fats. They are:

Saturated fats- These are animal fats which add to cardiovascular disease as well as cancer. It is not extremely useful for our body. Foods like meat, butter, lard, and so on must be eaten in quite less amounts to prevent illness.

Unsaturated fats- These are typically vegetable fats. It is less unsafe to the body. Some examples are olive oil, corn oil etc.


6. Water:

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It may be a little unexpected for a few of you to know that water is a mineral as well. It does not produce power however dissipates heat from the body in order to control body temperature. Water is constantly made use of by the body and also is quite important for the proper functioning of the body.

7. Roughage or Fiber:

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Yes, fiber is also a nutrient and also is necessary for the body. It protects against constipation and assists in the control of diabetic issues, reduces cholesterol, boosts bowel motion as well as benefits the body in various other ways.

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